Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chin Peng...The Journey Home

To those whom has been following my it article on Chin Peng...the country most popular traitor...killer...terrorist


Chin Peng in brief..

He was born in late October, 1924 in a small town in Perak. His father had come to the town in 1920 and started a bicycle, tyre, and spare motor parts business with the help of a relative from Singapore.He was the MCP (Malaya Communist Party) Secretary.

Chin Peng want to come back to Malaysia...a place he called his home. He has lived in exile in southern Thailand for years and his application to do so has become more and more attracting to people after the media wrote about it.

My article about Abah (My dad) and his experience with this communist outlaw is self explanatory. Abah and all those involved in fighting them will not keep quiet and will ensure Chin Peng will never find his way home.

Those who had requested Chin Peng to come back to Malaysia is history illeterate. Not sensitive enough to the feelings of the police, the SC (Special Constable), the wife, the kids and the public who had a bad experience with MCP ( Malaya Communist Party). MCP had injured and killed thousands of people.People lived in trauma and the governement had spent millions to fight them.

Some may say that Chin Peng is a hero, fighting to free Malaya from the Japanesse and British. Well...he is not a feedom fighter...I repeat he is not a freedom make Malaya become independence...he just wanted to make Malaya a communist country if they got the power in hand.

Should he somehow manage to come back to Malaysia...the best way to greet him is the jail and his cruelty should be heard in Court of Justice...just like Pol Pot in Cambodia and Slobodan Milosevic, ex-Presiden of Yugoslavia.

Chin Peng must be punished for what he had done...your slate can't be wipe so easily..I think it is better for him to stay where he is now rather than making noise to come back to Malaya (Malaysia) is not worth it to come are now 85 years old and how many years to go before you meet your creator...stay put and you'll live happily ever after...your journey home is mostly not welcome.


Shazat : Abah... your chance to punch Chin Peng straight to the face should he really find his way back

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