Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sports Day - Kafa Al Furqan BCH

It is not all about winning...but the feeeling....

Sports Day at KAFA AlFurqan..where students gathered for sporting events. My kids took part in the game..and I have to wake up early to get them ready.

Parents were there to support their children...and I was amaze with the turn up. The games begins...the children cheered...but some parent were missing. Not missing as though they are kidnap or what but not available in the vicinity...Why..I asked..." No..lah...just send them to go to the market...". C'mmon parents... a big days for the your daily chores after the event lorr..your kids need your support. It's not about winning the games but when children see you were there to support..yes.. the feeling is different...

It will occur for some children...hey...why my mum and dad were not see me taking part in the event...imagine that. them.. it's the moment you share with them. This is what you call quality time spent after a long weekdays.

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