Friday, June 5, 2009

What's up doc..Whabbit's wife wanted!


Hear Yee... Hear Yee...

Whabbit owner hear this...we are looking for 2 female whabbit...for 2 male a life partner...

Ha..ha guest what...when I bought these rabbit... I was told that one is male and one is female..the white one ( as per photo) is supposedly to be a female rabbit. This is what I was told by the sales person.

My son Izzat wanted to buy turtle at this Pet shop...but instead of buying turtle, he change his mind...he had asked me to buy him a rabbit.

I adhered to his request...bought him the rabbit and went back home. After fixing the rabbit house...he had this to say to me.."Papa..doesn't this rabbit need a friend to play with..she'll be lonely without friend right?..

"Yes of course she'll be lonely...but Papa don't have enough money to buy another reply to him.

He went to his room and come out with some money he digged from his "coin box". You can use my money much does it cost to buy a friend to my rabbit?

We counted the was not enough though but admiring his effort...I had to fork out my money to buy one more rabbit...

The white rabbit is called Tini...the one with the black spot is called Tiki...Tini and Tiki (supposedly husband and wife).

After a few months of taking care these whabbit...we found out both were male...and to avoid them from being "gay' couple...we are now finding both of them a wife...

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P/S : This Whabbit need food...for life..Sponsor anybody?

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