Saturday, May 16, 2009

About Malaysian's Badminton

Sudirman's World Team Championship

As long as Lin Dan from China is still alive...Dato' Lee Chong Wei will never beat this fella...agree?

Dato' was beaten again, making record of losing to this Lin Dan wider.

What's so great about Lin Dan...may be the passion, the patient...the skill, the confident, the fans support...make him so good.

Well, Dato' Lee Chong Wei...has all the ingredients...but what make him lose? We don't want the ranking...the ranking is not have achieved the world number one ranking ..but your fans want you to defeat this fella...

Dato' Lee has no new ammos to use against Lin Dan...He has exhausted all ammos...but that's the job of the coaches to find new ammos, new weapons, new skills, new training and all whatever to make Dato' Lee win...(Talking about training, I think Dato' should do a little bit of weightlifting...see the muscle at Lin Dan's hands...)

Then... in the next super series...we will expect Lin Dan to win again...again...and again...

Even before start playing...peoples will say.."Gerenti (guaranteed lost)kalah need to watch the game...know already" something... and I start to wonder what excuses will Dato' use or BAM use after coming back to Kuala Lumpur...maybe he's not feeling well that night..that is why he lose...

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  1. erm..aku pown tgk masa tu..mmg kecewa..aku tgk smp malaysia kena 3-0, pastu aku x tgk!!


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