Saturday, July 30, 2011

About Malaysian Football: The Wounded Tiger! Part 2

Malayan Tiger has been defeated by by Singapore team. Score line Malaysia 1 - 1 Singapore. Malayan Tiger is out from the next round in the qualifying round of the World Cup. The wounded tiger was unable to heal in time and was defeated by the Southern Lion, Singapore team. Our team was defeated on the aggregate of 6-4.

Well...we only realise that we were dreaming all this while. A dream which so qualify to the next round...only to be waken up by Singapore, so call the Singa Pura Pura (Acting Lion) because of their acting scene when they were tackled by our players. The dream has ended....a sweet dream indeed and Malaysian team need to work harder...Learnt to play like Singapore, learnt to play like a champion...not like a "kampung player", learnt to play in a team...

To Dato' have done a good job but not good enough...and as what normally coach would do in any major tender your resignation...
 Dato' this video is for you...enjoy.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About Malaysian Football: The Wounded Tiger!



Being a wounded "Malayan Tiger" or "Harimau Malaya", Malaysia will take on Singapore in  the second leg of the qualifying round of the World Cup 2014. A tiger would be more fierce when wounded and that is what we want to see when the Malaysian team meet Singapore team this Thursday.

Singapore played well in the first match. A first class play showed by them and I personally feel that they can go far. The only weakness - the players are quite old to play in this game. If only they are 5 years younger, it would be a tough team to beat. Adducing from this fact, I am confidence enough to say that the Malaysia Team can definitely outplayed Singapore. Well, picture this in your head - the Malaysian team is playing as though they are playing with their father, so...don't say you can't beat an old man...Prediction by Paul Octopuss (from Heaven) : Malaysia 3-0 Singapore.

Words of advise to the Malaysian Player: Play at your best...and make your fans proud....Go Tiger! Don't forget the acting skill when you got tackle by them...even you are not in pain....make it look like you are so....(This can't be learn in actual training...)

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