Monday, May 18, 2009

Abah...The Untold Story

Memories of Malaya...


A few weeks ago, I got the chance to talk to Abah (my dad). We were busy cleaning up all the mess made after my niece's wedding held at Abah's house. Whilst resting and taking a breather, this question suddenlly pop out from my mouth. " were an ex- SC (Special Constable)during the British occupants in Malaya right?.

He nodded. "Tell all about your experience Abah", I said. Well If I tell you all of them to you, our work here won't be finish. Whilst sipping a cup of "Nescafe Tarik" he told me what had happened...once upon a time....

"I can still remember it clearly... 4th August 1947, a state of Emergency has been declared by the British government called B.M.A as the communist had caused chaos in Malaya. The British Government had called all Malayan youth to come forward and enroll as an SC or Special (Police) Constable.

In September 9, 1948...though a little bit late..I responded to the British government called and became one of their recruit under the SC. I was 17 year old then and I was given a salary of RM70/-. I served as an SC from 14.9.1948 untill 30.9.1959, eleven years and seventeen days to be exact.

Whilst on duty, I've gained a lot of experience, bitter sweet memories. Almost every months we were attacked by this Communist outlaw at our post. One day, I was doing my round at an Estate called Choh Moh San, we were attacked by this outlaw. It happened so fast and one of the communist managed to snatch my riffle during the chaos. Lucky for me and my friend, one of the hand grenade didn't explode after it was thrown to us. Otherwise you won't be here..said Abah. They communists were then shot dead by my friends.

We were also attacked by them whilst patrolling at our post in Pogoh Estate. We had also managed to guard our post. Many had died during the attack...I mean the communist but we manage to recover only two bodies..."

We also can hear the gun shot when "Bukit Kepong" were attacked by the communist. But we could do nothing because of transportation. Our road were not as efficient that time...ending his last sip of the "Nescafe Tarik"...

I requested Abah to sing one Japanesse song...thank you Abah for being so sporting...he sang "Kimi-gayo" the national anthem of Japan... I don't know whether he pronouns it correctly or not...see Abah singing it in You Tube...(Please let me know if he pronouns it correctly)

Abah...proud of you...indeed you are our "hero" in our heart...

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  1. alo bro..nice article...hey since aku tgk article ko in english...aku suggest ko learn adsense..find out dulu apa tu adsense...nanti aku bagi tahu...kay bro..salam

  2. Thanks PeAR...appreciate your help all this at xat...soon..

  3. ye la excellent kn english dak nih !! ajar la beta sepatah 2 kata..

  4. what an experience. they will know what is hardship


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