Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chin Peng...The Journey Home

To those whom has been following my it article on Chin Peng...the country most popular traitor...killer...terrorist


Chin Peng in brief..

He was born in late October, 1924 in a small town in Perak. His father had come to the town in 1920 and started a bicycle, tyre, and spare motor parts business with the help of a relative from Singapore.He was the MCP (Malaya Communist Party) Secretary.

Chin Peng want to come back to Malaysia...a place he called his home. He has lived in exile in southern Thailand for years and his application to do so has become more and more attracting to people after the media wrote about it.

My article about Abah (My dad) and his experience with this communist outlaw is self explanatory. Abah and all those involved in fighting them will not keep quiet and will ensure Chin Peng will never find his way home.

Those who had requested Chin Peng to come back to Malaysia is history illeterate. Not sensitive enough to the feelings of the police, the SC (Special Constable), the wife, the kids and the public who had a bad experience with MCP ( Malaya Communist Party). MCP had injured and killed thousands of people.People lived in trauma and the governement had spent millions to fight them.

Some may say that Chin Peng is a hero, fighting to free Malaya from the Japanesse and British. Well...he is not a feedom fighter...I repeat he is not a freedom make Malaya become independence...he just wanted to make Malaya a communist country if they got the power in hand.

Should he somehow manage to come back to Malaysia...the best way to greet him is the jail and his cruelty should be heard in Court of Justice...just like Pol Pot in Cambodia and Slobodan Milosevic, ex-Presiden of Yugoslavia.

Chin Peng must be punished for what he had done...your slate can't be wipe so easily..I think it is better for him to stay where he is now rather than making noise to come back to Malaya (Malaysia) is not worth it to come are now 85 years old and how many years to go before you meet your creator...stay put and you'll live happily ever after...your journey home is mostly not welcome.


Shazat : Abah... your chance to punch Chin Peng straight to the face should he really find his way back

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Siti Nur Lisa...My Princess

Suddenly, my thought to Siti Nurlisa came accross my mind...I don't know why...

It seems like yesterday you left us and I has been quite sometime since our last your home...

I can still remember how the feeling was when "Mama" told me that she's pregnant. All the preparation to welcome you was done...with love all around...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

S. Shamsuddin Vs. Dato' Shah Rukh Khan

By the time you all reading this article, I have wrote an email to sitijarum, a columnist from Mingguan...

I had plead her to write about S. Shamsudin in her column. As you all are is some sort of a trend... to reward somebody after that person had died. What's the use. People won't know he or she has been given the "Dato'"ship..."Dr"ship...whatever after he/she died. Agree?

Who don't know S. Shamsudin. One of the P. Ramlee hits movie...Pendekar Bujang Lapok...Seniman Bujang lapok...Bujang Lapok...Every time I watch the movie...I still have a good laugh...irrespective how many time I watch it.

He had contributed a lot in the Malay Film industry as compared to Shah Rukh...why he has not given the appreciation...I know that S.Shamsudin will appreciate that...

He is in his 80"s now and sick...People...don't let him go without the reward...he didn't ask for it... but c'mmon people...We don't want him to be call Dato' after he left us!

Shazat : We pray for your health...Atuk S. Shamsudin

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Monday, May 25, 2009



For years people had depended on you. You were the life and the souls of millions...without is meaningless...How could they be so cruel to you...


No more smile from our had stop swimming...plant had has changed...How could they be so cruel to you...


As time goes by, you were sick...people don't bother...waste here and there...throw...throw it into Buriganga...who cares...

Toxic...pour it into Buriganga...who cares...the richer gets richer...the poor will suffer...


Hear our cry...don't leave us...bring back the cheer...


You have died...nobody cares...who want to intefere...

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why May is So Special?

Guest why? Give up?...I tell you why...

The month of May is so special in Malaysia because of the "Day". There are too many "Day" in this month.

The "Day" in May...

1 May - Labour Day
2 May - World Freedom of Press Day
6 May - Asthma Day (Got such day huh?)
7 May - Havoc day for Perak State Assembly
9 May - Wesak Day
10 May - Mother's Day (This one I like...Happy Mother's Day Mum..Love..Muah)
- also "Lupus" Day ...Lupus...the name of the sickness I guess
12 May - World Nurse Day
13 May - Sensitive day in Malaysia (find out why yourself..
15 May - Youth Day
16 May - Teacher's Day
17 May - Telecomunication Day and IT Day, Hypertension Day and errrr...this is very special My Birth "Day"
19 May - World Hepatitis Day
25 May - Ha ha... I love this one too..Pay Day and last but not least...
29 May - World Digestion and Health Day

See...that is why the month of May is so special...Ah May...I didn't mention your name hah...

P/s : I dun know whether I got the name of the day correct or not.Direct translation from Bahasa Malaysia huhu..

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I believe I can fly...

In two weeks times, I would be going to Langkawi for company's trip. Good...I've not been there for quite sometime. "Duty free" tags were in my mind...haha..I can buy things cheap in Langkawi... and I have started to list out what are the items to buy...after it was announced two days ago.

Today, the management had announced that we will be going there by flight and believe it or not, I have never been in a plane my whole life. Not that I can't afford it..but...I got this thing you call "fear" of heights factor...sound like "Fear factor" huh. Just like Dennis Bergkamp fear in taking flight.

Well, scientifically it is called "Acrophobia" a situation where sufferers can experience a panic attack in a high place and become too agitated to get themselves down safely.

That is why I don't like to live in a flat or an apartment...sorry to those who live there...but I just don't like heights. I was challanged by my friend to try a roller coaster in Genting Highlands...and I accepted the challenge because of my ego...At the stage of climbing up...I can see the cliff and said to myself...If I were thrown out from the roller coaster, nobody will recognise me as my whole body will shattered to peices.

I was lucky then nothing happen...I puke at the feet of my friend...yeah served him right.

Some shopping complexes got this transparent lift...where you can have see through view through the glass. Nope...not for me...I'd rather use the escalator.

Well, the management won't make any special arrangement just for me To go to Langkawi..not to go...not to go..arrggggh...

I believe I can fly...I just need to outcome my fear...after can scream longer if the plane crash...

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Abah...The Untold Story

Memories of Malaya...


A few weeks ago, I got the chance to talk to Abah (my dad). We were busy cleaning up all the mess made after my niece's wedding held at Abah's house. Whilst resting and taking a breather, this question suddenlly pop out from my mouth. " were an ex- SC (Special Constable)during the British occupants in Malaya right?.

He nodded. "Tell all about your experience Abah", I said. Well If I tell you all of them to you, our work here won't be finish. Whilst sipping a cup of "Nescafe Tarik" he told me what had happened...once upon a time....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

About Malaysian's Badminton

Sudirman's World Team Championship

As long as Lin Dan from China is still alive...Dato' Lee Chong Wei will never beat this fella...agree?

Dato' was beaten again, making record of losing to this Lin Dan wider.

What's so great about Lin Dan...may be the passion, the patient...the skill, the confident, the fans support...make him so good.

Well, Dato' Lee Chong Wei...has all the ingredients...but what make him lose? We don't want the ranking...the ranking is not have achieved the world number one ranking ..but your fans want you to defeat this fella...

Dato' Lee has no new ammos to use against Lin Dan...He has exhausted all ammos...but that's the job of the coaches to find new ammos, new weapons, new skills, new training and all whatever to make Dato' Lee win...(Talking about training, I think Dato' should do a little bit of weightlifting...see the muscle at Lin Dan's hands...)

Then... in the next super series...we will expect Lin Dan to win again...again...and again...

Even before start playing...peoples will say.."Gerenti (guaranteed lost)kalah need to watch the game...know already" something... and I start to wonder what excuses will Dato' use or BAM use after coming back to Kuala Lumpur...maybe he's not feeling well that night..that is why he lose...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Influenza A

Influenza A

When you first heard about this ...they called it "swine flue". Dunno why WHO has introduce this outbreak as "Influenza A".

For me...why not "swine flue" or you may even call it "Mexican flue" based from the name where the virus was found. If you are the founder of something new or something good you take the founder's name to commemorate it's name. For example, when JE virus was found...they called it Nipah, the place where the virus was first found.

Why not called it "Mexican flue" ?. Okay...dun want "Mexican flue"...well stick to 'swine flue" just like "Bird flue". Please la..the flue still came from this not hide it just to protect their breeder.

Ok what!... not to eat this can eat some other animal..haha...

Be it "H1N1" or "Influenza A" or even "Mexican flue"... it doesn't change the fact that the virus come from a pig...Agree..

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sports Day - Kafa Al Furqan BCH

It is not all about winning...but the feeeling....

Sports Day at KAFA AlFurqan..where students gathered for sporting events. My kids took part in the game..and I have to wake up early to get them ready.

Parents were there to support their children...and I was amaze with the turn up. The games begins...the children cheered...but some parent were missing. Not missing as though they are kidnap or what but not available in the vicinity...Why..I asked..." No..lah...just send them to go to the market...". C'mmon parents... a big days for the your daily chores after the event lorr..your kids need your support. It's not about winning the games but when children see you were there to support..yes.. the feeling is different...

It will occur for some children...hey...why my mum and dad were not see me taking part in the event...imagine that. them.. it's the moment you share with them. This is what you call quality time spent after a long weekdays.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to ...

Happy Mother's Day

For some people this is an important day...but for some maybe not. Every day is just the same...come and go. Depends..but for is good to celebrate Mother's Day..this is the time you spare a moment to think what make our mum the greatest person in the whole world.

I only knew and felt how difficult to raise your own kids after I got married... yes it was difficult to raise a child and because of that I dare not shout at my mum even I disagree on some issues. Mum didn't ask us to pay for what she had done in raising us up....not a single cents. She just want us to grow up...with love all the way...Mum...we owe you.. a lot..and we just can't pay it even for millions of ringgit.

For once, make it different this year. Wish your mother a Happy Mother's Day...If you had been away from home...come back...give you mother a hug...she don't want your money! Just your Love...

To my wife, thanx for being such a great mother to my children...and

To all Mums in the world...Happy Mother's Day.

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