Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to ...

Happy Mother's Day

For some people this is an important day...but for some maybe not. Every day is just the same...come and go. Depends..but for is good to celebrate Mother's Day..this is the time you spare a moment to think what make our mum the greatest person in the whole world.

I only knew and felt how difficult to raise your own kids after I got married... yes it was difficult to raise a child and because of that I dare not shout at my mum even I disagree on some issues. Mum didn't ask us to pay for what she had done in raising us up....not a single cents. She just want us to grow up...with love all the way...Mum...we owe you.. a lot..and we just can't pay it even for millions of ringgit.

For once, make it different this year. Wish your mother a Happy Mother's Day...If you had been away from home...come back...give you mother a hug...she don't want your money! Just your Love...

To my wife, thanx for being such a great mother to my children...and

To all Mums in the world...Happy Mother's Day.

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