Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Influenza A

Influenza A

When you first heard about this ...they called it "swine flue". Dunno why WHO has introduce this outbreak as "Influenza A".

For me...why not "swine flue" or you may even call it "Mexican flue" based from the name where the virus was found. If you are the founder of something new or something good you take the founder's name to commemorate it's name. For example, when JE virus was found...they called it Nipah, the place where the virus was first found.

Why not called it "Mexican flue" ?. Okay...dun want "Mexican flue"...well stick to 'swine flue" just like "Bird flue". Please la..the flue still came from this not hide it just to protect their breeder.

Ok what!... not to eat this can eat some other animal..haha...

Be it "H1N1" or "Influenza A" or even "Mexican flue"... it doesn't change the fact that the virus come from a pig...Agree..

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