Sunday, October 10, 2010

Memories of P. Ramlee: The Legend

P.Ramlee...need not an introduction in Malay film industries. From small kids boys or girls, teenager to mum and dad, the will not stop watching his movie when aired on Astro. This month (October) is the month of remembering P.Ramlee, the greatest Malaysian artist, a director, singer, comedian, musician, script writer, composer and name it. That's what the "P" stand for if you translate it in Bahasa Malaysia (director -Pengarah, singer - Penyanyi, comedian -Pelawak..etc). Are you all following me? Ok..good. To those who don't know who is P. some photos of him and his biography in brief.

Ramlee was born Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh to Teuku Nyak Puteh bin Teuku Karim and Che Mah Hussein at his grandmother's house (now opened as P. Ramlee House) in Counter Hall (now renamed as Jalan P. Ramlee), Penang, Malaysia. Teuku Zakaria - P Ramlee's birth name. 'Teuku' is a title for descendants of noble families from Aceh of Sumatra, Indonesia. His father Teuku Nyak Puteh was a sailor from Lho' Seumawe in the province of Aceh, Indonesia.

During his career he directed and acted in sixty-six films, and had more than 300 songs to his credit. Among his films that received awards are:

* Best Musical Score for Hang Tuah — Third Asian Film Festival, Hong Kong (1956)
* Best Male Actor for Anak-ku Sazali (My son, Sazali) — Fourth Asian Film Festival, Tokyo (1957)
* Best Comedy Film for Nujum Pak Belalang (The Fortune Teller) — Seventh Asian Film Festival, Tokyo (1960)
* Most Versatile Talent for Ibu Mertua Ku (My Mother In-law) — Tenth Asian Film Festival, Tokyo (1963)
* Best Comedy Film for Madu Tiga (Three Wives) — Eleventh Asian Film Festival, Taipei (1964)

His final film was Laksamana Do Re Mi on 1972 and last songs and lyrics was Ayer Mata Di Kuala Lumpur on 1973 before his death.

(Info from Wikipedia Encyclopedia)

When I heard Era Radio is bringing Musli Ramlee to their studio...
I know there would be some surprise from Aznil and his crew in Riuh Pagi Era...and I was correct...Aznil has created a video clip, a song from the late P. Ramlee from his famous film... Ali Baba and the forty of my favorite movie. I got a goosebumps when I heard Musli sang this song.

We thank you P. Ramlee for your contributions, and the only word to show how much we missed you contain in this song "Di mana kan ku cari ganti?" and may "Allah" blessed you and Al-Fatihah. Amin.

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