Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FU*K you lah Hafiz Hashim Part 2


 (Image from Utusan Malaysia)

FU*K you lah Hafiz Hashim... I still don't get it. Well listen up you all...and listen to this carefully...HAFIZ HASHIM lost to P.Kashap of India in the Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010....I repeat...HAFIZ HASHIM lost to P.Kashap of India.

I don't want to know your ranking but loosing to P. Kashap, ranked only 32...OMG...What else can I say... a total disappointment! Because of you, there will not be an all-Malaysian singles final for the first time since the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games.Big news in India when their player defeated Hafiz Hashim but I should say that if they follow closely Hafiz big deal as he has been loosing to all lower ranked player in every game he played.

The fact that Hafiz is now not even good enough for a Commonwealth Games medal shows just how drastic his drop has become and one wonders just how long more is the BA of Malaysia (BAM)willing to invest in a player who is showing no signs of being able to turn his career around. Come on BAM...wake up....WAKE UP!...

Asian Games will be on its way. China and Indonesia will definitely have their player there. Will Hafiz HAshim will be there also. I hope not. Will BAM give him another chance (after so many chances given. I beg you BAM, after not being able to contribute a singles medal in Delhi...please drop this fellow. We don't want a free loader on board.

Hafiz Hashim is now a liability to BAM and yet BAM still want to use him...what charm has Hafiz use to get his ticket on board. There are so many young talent that BAM can start focusing on younger players. Even though they may not win in their first appearance but given adequate opportunities...they may rise to the occasion. At least we will not be heart sick with the series of losing given by Hafiz Hashim.

So, Hafiz not wait until people tell you...FU*K off only then you step down. Its time to go...may be raising cattle in Kelantan would be more suitable for you.


  1. In this game everything could possible happen. P. Kashap got advantage being a home player. Its not an easy task to be able to play like him. Hafiz was once a shinning star, people grow old and stamina reduced. You can't hope that Hafiz win all the time. Perhaps we need better new player than always counting on the senior players.

    If badminton is a predictable game, no one will be watching it.

  2. Agree on home advantage...but Hafiz Hashim also loose on homeground...after "All England " his track record is sad to might want to read part 1. Agree also on badminton game is unpredictable..but in Hafiz Hashim know already he will loose the match. Better to sent younger player...the people won't make noise if he loose.""

  3. its always been about consistency with him. just like his brother...

  4. Unlike Hafiz, Roslin know when to quit Badminton...after continous need people to tell you to let go of Badminton...

  5. huhu he tried his best I guess ;D
    luck and lack of skill perhaps~
    winning and losing is a part of a game and it is unpredictable =D

  6. yup.. the star is not shining like before

  7. Fakhrur Razi: He has not tried his best...he didnt train as hard as Lee Chong Wei...Winning and loosing is part of the game..yup...but loosing is part of Hafiz Hashim!

    Nur: His star only shine once...and that was when he won the All England title...its time for him to hang his racket.

  8. if datuk lee chong wei lost on match...
    why dont we fuck him. and take back datukship

  9. hey blogger...please count how many time that datuk loose his doubt he lost one match or two...but compared to Hafiz...he's a gonner...Hafiz Hashim must go...


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