Friday, October 8, 2010

Make Money Online?

How to make money online? This I got to figure out. I still can remember the day when I was conned to join "Blogstarz" and I spent a lot in it. First the members fees...get my own first for my friends to join me (end up not paying me), make photocopies of the flyer and distributing them. My daughter and  son actually help me to put it on peoples car windscreen etc.

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Well... "Blogstarz" was a history and the creator made up millions and yet escape...untouch...Who? The amazing Karl Iskandar...the biggest con-man in make money online scam. I tell you what may escape now...but you can't escape the day-after. God will punish you heavily on what you did. Don't know what to do with my lappy....I continued having a blog and people say I can also make money.

Can a blog really make money? Well it depends...if you know how to do it...of will make money for you....Easy? Nope...its not easy...until I heard about know more...wait for my future entry!


  1. You have an amazing post. I read it several times. Read a similar post in mine too! Death

  2. Thanks Movie Crazy...will get to you


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