Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!....Happy Independence Day Malaysia 2010

Malaysia celebrate its 53 years of independence day (Merdeka Day) today 31 August....and I am proud to be Malaysian. On behalf of the crew of ShazatGlobalNetwork...we wish all Malaysian a wonderful and memorable celebration of our Malaysian independence.

Its somehow or rather good that Merdeka Day fall in the fasting the celebration is limited and there is no party of a grand scale held as usual. When there is a party...there will be boys and girls....when there are boys and know what will happen....

Anyway, when I was on my way to town today....I hardly see people raising the Jalur Gemilang, our national "many"...this day is just another public holiday...a day to stay up and wake up late....and doesn't seem to mean anything.....and I suddenly thought about my dad whom was one of the special police force who fought the communist during the Emergency period. Merdeka is all about freedom and its our duty to build our young generation to be proud of being a Malaysian. We can walk peacefully day or night without the fear of being shot by somebody...we were given the freed of speech...say whatever we want as long as it doesn't touch the issue of sensitivity to other people...

Maybe there's not enough TV commercial to point out what Merdeka means...hmmm...where is Petronas adds....and talking about TV's what the late Yasmin Ahmad had left us with...enjoy and Merdeka!

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