Sunday, August 8, 2010

About Malaysian Badminton: Free trip around the world!

Hafiz was a huge letdown, losing 19-21, 11-21 to top seed Nguyen Tien Minh of Vietnam.
Former All-England champion Hafiz used to beat Tien Minh at will at one time but it looks like the good times are over for the Malaysian.
National coach Hendrawan tried to put a positive spin to Hafiz’s defeat, saying the shuttler had more than one enemy to contend with.
“He could not control the shuttle. It was fast and the strong draught in the stadium did not help. This led Hafiz playing to the rhythm set by Tien Minh,” Hendrawan said in a telephone interview.

Source: The Star Online.

Well if you want a free trip overseas....simple....just join BAM and play doesn't matter you are up to the par or long as you can play're okay...

Enough is enough....BAM...WAKEEEEEEEE UP!.....aftre the Thomas Cup let seems that all of you are still sleeping...nobody have the guts to step down from their highly paid lost after another and yet nothing has been done...

Resullts shows and you need not to have one professional adviser to tell you. When players are not performing after one game to is time to get another player to give it a least we will not be heartsick to learn that you were beaten by new names.

Ranking doesn't proof anything and Lin Dan is happy with that....he have his own goal and pick up at the correct time and at the correct tournament!...and Hafiz...think about leaving just got to go! This is just not a free trip to vacation...

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