Wednesday, September 29, 2010

“DiGi iPhone 4 Me”

A black and white screen with only the custom ringtone  (monotone to be precise)....that is what I am using now. I am not a fan of all these "high tech" mobile phone. To me as long as I can make a call and people can call me...that's it. That is so true until a friend of mine showed me his iPhone. You know why he show it to me? show off of course.

"You know what my friend...people has no longer use this black and white screen!.The only time when people use this sort of phone, you know when? When people want to throw something at a stray dog...hahaha" said a friend of mine.

Every time my phone rang, my friend would shout out loud " Wey...whose old phone is's hurting my ears!, knowingly it is my phone that rang and I put it on a silent mode since then. Deep in my heart I tell myself, someday, sometime, somehow I will get even with you...I will get my own iPhone. I will get even with you when I get my DiGi iPhone. Huaaaaaa......I waaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnt a DiGi iPhone!


  1. Hope u get ur iphone someday. I nak Iphone5 in d future lol xD

  2. thanks much iPhone cost in sydney? Must be expensive also right?


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