Monday, February 1, 2010

I believe I can fly...Part 2

Whoa....another trip arranged by my company. Destination...Hangzhou, Shanghai China..To those who had been following my blog, my phobia is to 2 months time I would be in a plane to China. Can I make it...I don't know as yet but I would love to see other people's land...

Confirmation? Yes...I gave my confirmation to go and I already arrange for a passport at the immigration last week. But this fly thingy kept haunting my head. Will it all be alright...Will it be alright to fly...What a terrible thing to have it in mind...


May be after looking at some infos about this place...I will forget about flying..What the heck...people fly everyday right...and seldom we heard about the mishap.

Well...pray hard Shazat.

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"Boiled peanuts were the ceremonious gift"


  1. heeeeeeeee

    saya masih menanti2 seperman
    datang bawa saya terbang
    ke bulan


  2. weee...bestnyer dpt jln2..don't worry so much about it plg suke bila plane tu nk take off..macam naik roller'll love it!..or kalo still takut..tido jerr..

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