Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to .....

Today Muslims all over the world is remembering this date...Why? What so special about this day...Well today is 12 Rabi' al-awwal in Muslims calender...which mark the day that our Prohet Muhammad (PBUH) was born...and I would like to thank him....because of him...I am a Muslim...leading us to the "lights"...

My friends...I would like to share this video clips about Prophet Muhammad...Happy Birthday Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)...


  1. salam maulidur rasul
    semoga kita terus jadikan nabi muhamad saw idola kita... amin

    hari tuh, balik kampong
    ayah bergurau2 tanya
    mana lebih tepat,

    maulud nabi ke

    i jawab dua2 betul
    ayah kata ya, tapi mana lebih tepat

    i kata maulidurrul
    ayah tanya lagi,
    i tak leh jawab,
    ayah kata:
    semua rasul = nabi
    tapi tak semua nabi = rasul

    tq sudi singgah umah biru
    walau biru terbang jauh

  2. Just thought I'd drop by to say hello! :D Hope all is well with you.


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