Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transformers...Revenge of The Fallen

My son woke up early yesterday morning...So does my princess...Why?..To see this movie as I had promised them a week ago. Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen...

I enjoyed it at the beginning stage. Maybe I was impressed by the CGI technique done by Michael Bay. Half way through...the film lost it's excitement. I want to see more autobots...more action from Optimus Prime..."Autobots...Transformed"...Optimus tag line...which I didn't hear it this time.

Too many CGI technique at the time of transformation, make my head aching. I got confused which one is Autobots...which one is Decepticon.

I can't see what is the role of Megan Fox in this movie. Just to attract people to the theater...I don't see the importance of her role in this movie but hey...this is what you call business right...and it works because many there were a lot of Mikaela running in slow mo scene... is just okay only for me...This is my personal view and it may differ from others. I knew it because my kids...enjoyed it...and didn't stop talking about it all the way home.

Autobots race their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticon. "Autobots...Transform".

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  1. sama la..aku pun confius..mana decepticon dgn autobots

  2. i told you the movie was so-so..i have the same opinion as u do..especially on the women..she's just being pretty all the way with her thick-botoxed lip..(sure guys love the part when she was running and being tough and all-makes me wanna puke!)Anyway..not being jelous though..just my point of view..

    p/s:i have an award for stop by my blog and get it ok..

  3. If guys doesn't like that scene, he must be gay right Dura...This is what you call women sell the's a must in any American movie. Looking forward to see GI Joe...

    shazat: What award Dura...?

  4. Hey, just thought I'd let you know (since you're on my Followers list), I moved blogs. No longer blogging on blogspot!

  5. whoaa,mello...thanx for the wonder I can't go to your blogspot blog...hmmm...I can't comment your article space to do you new blog..


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