Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Die Hard...Warning! No Smoking Please!

(The cancer image has no effect to a friend of mine)


Six months gone with the wind. After 180 days...less 3 days (sneak smoking)...I feel my lungs is clear as a more difficulties in breathing at night.

I started to smoke when I was in school...22 years ago. Wow..I didn't know it has been that long. Imagine how much money I can save. This is my last attempt to quit smoking and I feel it's going to the right path.

People say you need to go the their professional advise on how to stop smoking...take some medication, take sweets...chew chewing gum and all that...bla..bla..bla..Nonsense...

As for me it all balls up to you will power. Your will power is your strongest defence. No matter how much medication you take, how much gums you bought...If your will power is weak...that's it. Smoke again...the aroma of the smoke especially after very tempting...

To those who want to quit smoking... follow this steps.. It works for me..

1) Set a date to quit...I decided to quit as my new year resolution.

2) Hang a poster "I am quitting" (smoke) at your work station. So much better the one with the cancer poster...
3) Important...a MUST do...Tell your friend that you quit.
4) For the first few weeks...try to avoid mingling with smokers. If you need them as your lunch partner...go with them but don't bother to chit chatting after you have finish eating.
5) Don't ever accept their offering...if you start taking'll take one more the next day...and start buying a pack...
6) Dispose all cigarette lighter in hand

If you can do this... you can quit already... Good Luck...Kill it...Feel it..

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  1. congratulation...hope u will able to stop smoking forever..

  2. YES PLEASE QUIT SMOKING!! It's bad for you, it silently kills you and it stains your teeth PLUS! give you bad breath SO WHY STILL DO IT RIGHT??? lol. I'm SO proud of you for putting this up! Spread the word. Smoking is NOT cool!

    RYC: I can't decide between AF or One In A Million!! The thing I really hate about both is the fact that they film the "diaries"... I think that's SO unnecessary la. But which d'you think would be a better bet?

    Oh and how d'you plug the radio??? HELLA awesome man!

  3. To hard feelin' huh...I missed Dunhill especially after sipping my nescafe...pergh...but say goodbye to yesterday though it's hard...

    shazat: PeAR...price hike for ciggarettes end of this year as always...consider the option of quitting...Smoke free..

    shazat: whoaa,mello...thanx for ur support...I think OIAM is better...give it a try..Radio...hmmm..just click the create free..and you're on the go...


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