Monday, January 24, 2011

Look! Who's Smiling....?

I just don't know...or maybe it's just my feeling. I think Dato' Nadzmi, the President of BAM and his team are now smiling, sipping a cup of Cappucino whilst at the same time talking about Dato' Lee Chong Wei victory over Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia in the badminton super series Malaysian Open. Not so much of Dato' Lee's victory but on the resignation of "one liability" to his camp, none other than the amazing Hafiz Hashim.

Hafiz Hashim had voice up his intention to leave BAM, to be on his own and pursue his career as a professional player and Dato' Nadzmi along with BAM council had accepted his resignation without imposing any conditions. A good move by BAM as if they were to terminate Hafiz contract which is due next year, surely BAM need to compensate him. By willingly resign, BAM have to pay nothing.

“This is really good news for me,” said Hafiz, who declared that he wanted out of the BAM after losing to Chen Long of China in the first round of the Malaysia Open last Wednesday. But to me, it's a good news to the nation. After waiting so many years for him to leave the national camp, the moment of truth has finally reach us. So...adios Hafiz Hashim.

pic from utusan malaysia online

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