Sunday, November 8, 2009

TM Malaysia Cup 2009


Congratulations to Negeri Sembilan for winning the Malaysia Cup. A long wait..after 61 years old only they finally got it.

They deserve it...all the hardwork paid off. I would pick Zakuan Adha as the man of the match. He has received all the sliding...all the kick and yet still going on...that's the spirit that we want in all football players.

Kelantan players....maybe this is not your night. Better luck next time...another year to be add on...40 years waiting to be crown as the Malaysia Cup champion. The only thing that I noticed is that there's no fighting spirit. Even though you are down two goals...there's still plenty of time to regroup and plan a new strategy....the coach shoulbe blame on this lost. Adding up to this....their fans are really not giving all the support...leaving the stadium after the third goal. Leaving the stadium with a chaos. You ought to support your team even though they were down.

There's no sporting spirit in the Kelantan fans. Win or loose is the name of the game. Support them even if they lost. Don't show your anger by throwing fire crackers, mineral water bottles and stone to peoples. This is uncivilise.

Security is also lacking throuhout the match. Where is the Federal reserve unit and the police to control the fans whom in the end had burnt the chairs at the stadium. Pitty to one of the stadium staff who had extinguish the fire, end up in getting a throw with a mineral bottle on the head.

Anyway...again congratulations to the winner. Full time result..N.Sembilan 3 - 1 Kelantan.

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